Friday Food Fun

7 Mar

Friday Food Fun 2It has been a long week — between work and events every night, I am so excited for a relaxing weekend. I am also so thrilled with a lot of the below food links I found along the way this week.

  1. After having gone to Deuxave, my chef crush on Chris Coombs was strengthened. Find out more about his 1st year anniversary at his South End resturant, Boston Chops.
  2. Bummed I’m missing out SXSW, particularly because Dominique Ansel is showcasing his cronuts as well as these badboys.
  3. Went to Vejigantes this Monday and had some bomb mofongo. It inspired me to embrace more latin dishes — def have this guy on my radar to cook.
  4.  Marnely Rodriguez- Murray takes on New Orleans — this city is on my bucket list. I am itching to try some fabulous NOLA eats.
  5. Boulud on heating up his career. I want to try this recipe of his and pair it with his caipirinha cocktail.
  6.  New Restaurant Opening in Boston: Liquid Arthouse : I loved the restaurant even before I’d been as it combines two passions of mine: food & art. Founder Ruta Laukien quoted in BBJ “Art is something that speaks to our senses and the fusion of social dining can only amplify that experience, further the dialogue and stimulate sales.” Perhaps it will open in time (expected for early May) for my birthday on May 25th! Pencil it in folks 😉

2 Responses to “Friday Food Fun”

  1. Jill March 7, 2014 at 7:52 pm #

    I saw the Dominque Ansel cookie cups too! I wish he sold that at his bakery in NYC, cause then I’d be planning a food trip there, STAT.

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