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Afternoon Pick Me Pop

30 Aug




Go With All Your Heart

30 Aug

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Boston Blogosphere

28 Aug

The blogosphere.  Funny term, right? Well now it’s a term that is near and dear to my heart. Before moving to Boston a month ago, I was in the process of figuring out details of my move and reached out to a few bloggers I had met or been connected to through friends. Not only were they so friendly and helpful from the get-go, but they also had great insight into aspects I did not even contemplate for the next chapter of my life. Without these girls, my transition wouldn’t have been nearly as smooth. I need to definitely give a shout out to my girl Danielle from Story of Style. She has been absolutely amazing in these past few months.

To continue with that motif, for this Two’s Day session, I wanted to showcase two quotes that resonated with how I felt from being around my bloggin’ beauts . Signing onto my Pinterest account, I saw a quote that I really liked. Ironically, it was from Alison over at Long Distance Loving, who planned a really fun Boston Blogger Event at Mass Ave Tavern yesterday. Clicking through to the photo, it brought me to her post today which coincidentally has similar sentiments to what I wrote about today.

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Great minds definitely think alike!


Sel de la Terre

27 Aug

This past Friday I ventured over to Sel de la Terre for Restaurant Week. My favorite part of restaurant week is the fact that you get to sample exquisite food at a more reasonable price. Prix Fixe lunch is $20.12 and Prix Fixe dinner is $33.12.


Going over the menu, I was quite impressed with the Mixed Green Salad. Before this meal, I had never had a dressing that was smoked; a smoked tomato vinaigrette was an attractive flavor to please my palette.  While the dish was quite simple, solely greens and couscous, I would definitely give it a two thumbs up.

For the main dish, I had the sole meunière with confit red-bliss potatoes haricot verts, and grilled lemon. While the fish was tender, it was quite tasteless. I would have enjoyed more spices and herbs to coat the fish.

I am glad that I decided to do the prix fixe menu, as I got to try a unique version of my favorite dessert: crème brulee.  Here, it was made with a coffee base and was quite delectable!!

Snack Time

23 Aug

Let’s be honest, I can’t make it through the workday without a snack or two, it just doesn’t happen. I just found my new snack obsession and have to share it. I did not have a salty snack and so I ventured over to the vending machine (eeeeek!) and luckily found a healthy, viable option: Boulder Canyon Natural Foods Hummus & Sesame Chips, Lightly Salted.

 Source: Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

In the description on their site, these chips are described as “All Natural Gluten Free, Zero Trans Fat, Zero Cholesterol: Our Hummus Chips are infused with the perfect blend of chickpeas and spices. This unique combination makes these snacks one one of a kind!” The best part about these chips are that they are all natural & low sodium. It’s a win, win situation. They really are unlike any chip I have feasted on. Happy eating!


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Alex and Ani

18 Aug

Usually, I’m late with following trends. First off, I like to do my own thing and stand out in the crowd, in a non-flashy way. (Ironically, I’m wearing a bright pink blazer today.) Secondly, I don’t really have a fashion sense; I just go with what I like, not what’s trending. And finally, I have a way of stumbling onto cool things through my friends. Anyway, last weekend a friend in town wanted to add to her Alex and Ani collection and after a lovely lunch, we strolled down Newbury Street to do some shopping.

Before entering the store, I was not entirely set on purchasing some of this jewelry; but upon walking in, I was sold. I liked that you could choose what charm resonated with you and it came in silver or gold, depending on what you fancy. I LOVE gold so I was happy to find a charm bracelet of Saint Anthony. (Saint Anthony is the saint of all things lost; pray to him and you will find the item you misplaced.) Hopefully I don’t lose this bracelet haha!

I just saw that they have a collegiate collection, I may have to go in and pick up a BC bracelet.

About Alex and Ani / (I usually don’t put in this kind of information but I found the background fascinating.)

Alex and Ani, LLC offers eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. Carolyn Rafaelian launched Alex and Ani in 2004, naming the company after her first two daughters. Once she introduced her line of patented signature bangles, necklaces, and rings, almost overnight, everyone was taking notice. Celebrities, major fashion magazine editors, and the finest department stores and boutiques across the country adored the concept and design.

As Alex and Ani’s product grew, she kept a deep focus on spirituality believing one can infuse thought into material to recognize one’s power and unique essence in their everyday wear. Rafaelian creates with deep reverence for the power these symbols possess to expresses awareness, empowerment, and inner beauty. “Take the inner journey” Rafaelian says, “the rewards are great.”

Live your Values

17 Aug





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