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25 & Greek

24 Oct

Recently, a lot of my posts have been about sharing. Keeping an open mind has been something I have been striving to achieve in order to learn to my fullest capacity. Today, I stumbled upon another TEDx speech via Fries or Salad.


If you have the time to listen to it, it’s a great take on the Greek economic situation by Michael Ignatieff.


Doing versus Being

22 Oct

“It is actually easy to learn about doing. It is harder to learn about being. If you’re learning to use calculus or to fly an airplane, you don’t want to have to start from scratch; you want to learn from others and follow the road already paved. But most of life is about learning to be ourselves, and to “learn to be” is about figuring out what we take as a truth — those ways we just “know”. To unlearn, we need to get good at seeing and naming those ways. Unlearning is harder than learning, but it’s crucial to do … because innovation and creativity are rarely about doing more of the same.”

This excerpt came from Nilofer Merchant’s reflection on her TEDGlobal talk. It was an inspiration to my day.

What inspired you today?

To My 15 Year Old Self

13 Oct

Recently, I came across a link on the Saga of A Twenty Something regarding what some pretty amazing women would’ve told their 15 year old selves.

A few things I would’ve told myself:

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – tomorrow will be another day.
  • Tell your family how much you love them daily; you never know when will be the last time you see them.
  • If you have to question what you’re doing, don’t do it.

What would you tell your 15 year old self?

One Tribe

12 Oct


I feel like Black Eyed Peas have had a great impact on the music community not only with great beats, but meaningful lyrics. Let’s take it back nearly 10 years to when “Where is the Love?” came out. When this came out, my twelve year old self probably did not realize this representing a heartfelt prayer for those suffering in the world. It cries out against hate and encourages love for one another. It is a request for peace, love and understanding.


Today, having listened to a Friday Funday playlist, another song by this group caught my attention. One Tribe, released 2009 (wow, I’m on the late train). The lyrics are really catchy and moving. When I first heard it (yes, I’ve played it more than once today) I wanted to start dancing.  From what I gather, the message of the song is that the entire world comes together in harmony. A central lyric to this song is, “One Tribe, one time, one planet, one race, it’s all one blood, don’t care about your face, the color of your eye or the tone of your skin.” These lyrics are so simple, yet a great social commentary for where our world stands today.

Little Moments

5 Oct





Source: Pinterest

Wish List

4 Oct

A girl like me loves shopping, but unfortunately my wallet doesn’t have that same passion. I do have these items on my radar though…

Monogram Ring / Chanel Chance / Clutch /Marc Jacobs Bracelet

MFA Fun Day

3 Oct

Looking for something fun to do? Boy do I have the thing for you…the Museum of Fine Arts is free after 4pm on Wednesday’s. How great is that!! I went last week and perused through some fine galleries. I can’t think of a reason not to go…unless you are unavailable from 4-945pm.

My fave piece: