Boston Chops

8 Mar

Boston Chops South EndSoon after heading to Deuxave, I was invited to a Blogger dinner at Boston Chops, the youngest [just turned 1 year old] of all 3 of Chef Chris Coombs’s concepts.


Upon walking into Boston Chops, I felt really welcome. Everything from the dim lights to the dark wood and leather seats provided that warm feeling. In addition, I was graciously greeted by the staff. To the left, was a very inviting bar. This photo did not do it justice in its length and grandeur. Had I not come in for a dinner, I would’ve taken a seat and chatted up the bartender. This has become one of my favorite pastimes in going to new restaurants — they have such great and different insights to the restaurant scene.

The Bar at Boston ChopsBefore sitting down to eat, we were able to mix and mingle with fellow bloggers. I was lucky enough to pick Chris’s brain. I mentioned to him that as part of my life bucket list, I wanted to travel and dine around the world. I asked for some of the places he’d say I couldn’t miss and he said mentioned a few, including Alinea and Noma. They have definitely been added to my list!


As we headed to eat, one could not be less than stunned by the details and decoration Georgina of  Notes on Lifestyles by Georgina was able to incorporate to our lovely meal. I mean, it really had sparkle.

Boston Chops

Boston Chops

Boston Chops

Shelby & I at Boston ChopsI loved that we were randomly paired with bloggers to get to meet new ladies in the blogosphere; I couldn’t complain that my girl Shelby from Tutus and Tea happened to be at my table! Also at my table were Christine, Jaime, Lianna, and Lauren…such fabulous ladies!


It’s embarrassing to say but my favorite part of dinner was the bread. In my instagram, I could only describe it as one thing: orgasmic. Upon taking first bite, the bread was light, airy, and oh so buttery. It was perfection.

Popover at Boston ChopsTo eat, Shelby and I shared the Flat Iron steak. I persuaded her to try the chimichurri butter; I use any opportunity, where appropriate to the palate, I can to have hints of latin flavor into my dinners. The parsley and garlic based butter was the perfect pair to the cut.

Flat Iron Steak with Chimichurri Butter at Boston Chops

It was tough to not order the Brussel Sprouts Au Canard, but Shelby convinced me to share the Braised Kale with her. Braising is a combination cooking method using both moist and dry heat. I had never had a braised vegetable. I was impressed with the outcome; it had a nice kick.

Braised Kale at Boston ChopsAnd if that wasn’t enough, the steak came with “generous frites”. The thought process behind the way the steak is served is actually quite genius: they serve you the fries after you get your meat dish and to the quantity you want. That way, the juices from the steak don’t make the fries soggy. As an added plus, they’ll come back even after you’ve finished. They really knew the way to my heart, as french fries are my favorite side.

Fries at Boston Chops

Yesterday marked the beginning of the late night specials at Boston Chops, showcasing the Boston Chops burger. I can’t wait to come back and try this late night menu. The price points are just incomparable to anything in the area.

Boston Chops


1375 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 227-5011

Website / Facebook / @BostonChops

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2 Responses to “Boston Chops”

  1. alainaisbouts March 10, 2014 at 10:03 am #

    great review! love that place – i only went once but would love to go back. i was so bummed to miss out on that blogger dinner!

  2. cmsterzel March 10, 2014 at 3:36 pm #

    Another Alinea recommendation! Just one more reason to come to CHI! 🙂

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