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Friday Food Fun

14 Mar

All images from their respective publication.

Can you believe it’s already mid-March? I mean where is 2014 going. This week has been quite busy with work and events, but I am happy to have a relaxing weekend ahead!

Best desserts to try around the world: Boston’s Flour made the list! I have never had one of their buns — this needs to change!

My girl Diana did a post on Henry Hargreaves’s art collection food maps – all made out of real food. I love to travel and eat, so this art really spoke to me. The collection was made by Henry, a New Zealand-based artist, and his New York-based stylist friend, Caitlin Levincreated. Both travel aficionados, they wanted to show ‘how food has travelled the globe, transformed and became a part of the cultural identity of each particular place’.

Legal Crossing is now open in Downtown Boston.

Dissecting the Cookie Dough Oreo – have you tried it?

25 Tasty Snacks: I want to try the Garlic Bread “Fries” with Marinara “Ketchup”.

Chocolate Fried Chicken to be spearheaded by Umami Burger mastermind Adam Fleischman. After reading this article, I must say I’m intrigued!

What food finds have you come across this week?