Friday Food Fun

28 Feb

Friday Food Fun

All images from their sources linked in below copy.

If you know me, you know I could talk food for daysssss. During the week, you wouldn’t believe how many blogs and articles I bookmark. Each week moving forward, I’d love to share my findings and hope you’ll share yours with me too!

  1. Need to try this dijon and cognac stew recipe
  2. A trend I picked up thanks to The Domestic Rebel. See my re-enactment.
  3. Overheard at South Beach Food & Wine Festival: “Boston’s been sort of a desolate place — it hasn’t been known for the food,’’ Lynch said Friday during an interview at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. ‘‘But you’d be surprised, even in the recession, it was one of the only cities that continued to grow … Yes, it was tough, but we didn’t stop.’’
  4. Do you remember these 90s dishes?
  5. Bobby Flay’s tips for the perfect burger.
  6. Dominique Ansel, famous for the cronut, talks about staying creative and running a business. P.S. Did you see when I dabbled with the cronut?
What food finds did you come across this week?

One Response to “Friday Food Fun”

  1. Jaime Lynn (@laviejaime) March 4, 2014 at 6:19 pm #

    yum..that stew sounds hearty and yummy – considering it’s still 10 degrees in March! haha

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