Cronut Recipe

10 Feb

The Cronut

So did my last post get you salivating or what? If you’re interested in trying out how to make the cronut yourself, please find the recipe below!

Traditional Cronuts


  • 3 package active dry yeast
  • 1.5 cup warm water
  • 3 t salt
  • 7.5 T white sugar
  • 1.5 cup milk
  • 6 T butter, melted
  • 1T vanilla
  • 3 large eggs
  • ¾ pie spice
  • 10-12 cups or 3 pound flour
  • 4.5 sticks butter, room temperature


1. Place yeast and warm water in stand mixer. Stand until creamy and foamy, 5 min. Add salt, sugar, milk, melted butter, vanilla, egg and spice. Whisk. Pour on flour. Switch to dough hook. Mix.

2. Knead in mixer until ball forms and it becomes soft and sticky. It should pull away from bowl. Transfer to floured work surface. Knead a few times, shape into ball. Wrap loosely in plastic and refrigerate for 20 minutes to let gluten relax.

3. Remove from refrig, unwrap, dust with flour.  Divide in thirds. Roll out into 9 x 18 rectangles for each slab. Spread 12 T of butter on right 2/3 of the slab. Fold over left 1/3 onto center. Fold right 1/3 over that, so it is layered, dough, butter, dough, butter, dough. And looks like the front of an envelope.

4. Transfer to sheet pan, cover with wrap and kitchen towl. Refrig 30 minutes until butter is firm. Flour again and place on work surface and pat into 8 x 12 inch rectangles and about ¾ inch thick. Fold into thirds again. Roll back into 8 x 12 inch rectangle, keeping outside as even as possible.  Fold in thirds again (third time) Cover in refrigerator for two hours.

5. Roll dough to 5/8 inch thick, only one at a time. Use 3 inch rings to cut out donut shapes. Use 1 inch circle to cut out holes. Place all on baking sheets over parchment and sprinkle with flour. Let rise one hour until doubled in size. Fry.

One Response to “Cronut Recipe”

  1. Diana Mieczan February 19, 2014 at 12:58 pm #

    YUM! I totally want to make them:) xoxo

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