6 Jan

Blackbrick Midtown

Aside from seeing family and friends, the thing I was most excited for coming down to Miami was trying out some new food and restaurants. My first adventure in Miami was Blackbrick in Midtown Miami. The name derives from bricks of black tea that were once used as currency in China. Word on the street was that this was the new place to try some fabulous Chinese cuisine, with a full dim sum menu and nose-to-tail dishes from whole lamb and pig.

Blackbrick MidtownThis spot cozily fits up to 50 people. I absolutely loved the interior; it was quite modern and eclectic, not the norm for your usual Chinese spot.  The irony of this night’s meal was that I was way more experimental with the food here than I was in China.

Richard Hales at Blackbrick Midtown

The brains behind this venture is Chef Richard Hales, of Sakaya Midtown. (I knew I would like this spot immediately, as Hales is a protégé of Jean-Georges Vongerichten, MY FAVORITE.)

To eat, we decided to order a few (many) dishes in order to try an array of different flavored dishes. We began by splitting a wonton soup. This dish is one of my favorite things that I missed from my journeys in China. It kept true to what I had there in having a pieces of pork immersed in the soup.

Wonton Soup at Blackbrick MidtownNext up was the char siu pork lotus bao. So so tasty.

char siu pork lotus bao at blackbrick midtownTo share, we had the Yueng Chow duck fried rice and the General’s Florida Gator [ super spicy, but very tasty]. I could not believe I ate alligator. I guess it was time for me to try it after all my years having lived in Florida, right? It really does taste like chicken.

So much goodness [ Yueng Chow duck fried rice, the General's Florida Gator & char siu pork lotus bao]

General's Florida Gator at Blackbrick Midtown

Yueng Chow duck fried rice at Blackbrick Midtown

Last up was dessert, icecream from Azucar. I had the peanut butter ice cream with sriracha coconut flakes. The spicy combined with sweet was very tasty, but there were a way too many coconut flakes. The waffle-like fortune cookie was my favorite of the dish.

Peanut Butter Azucar Icecream at Blackbrick MidtownOverall, Blackbrick was a great spot to check out in Midtown. I loved my main dishes and was so shocked that I tried so many dishes out of my ‘comfort zone’.  I would definitely go back to try more new foods!

Blackbrick Midtown


3451 NE 1 Ave
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 573-8886
Blackbrick Chinese & Dim Sum on Urbanspoon

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