Wish I Could Brunch More at Morgans

5 Jan

Morgan's Brunch One of my favorite ways to catch up with friends is brunch. While living in Miami and going out in Midtown, I frequently passed Morgans Restaurant. Morgans Restaurant is a little purple house on 29th st. Looking into the restuarant, they came up with their name in quite a funny way: winning 5 straight matches of rock, paper, scissors, Morgan, the oldest daughter, beat out the family to have her name coin the restaurant.

Their menu had something for everyone. I love when brunch spots really hone in on dishes for both the sweet and savory palates. This one in particular had so many amazing options. I did not know which to choose, at first.

Morgans Brunch Menu

Morgans Brunch - OutsideAt Morgans Restaurant, they went ahead and selected to press pause and enjoy the moment, to cherish companionship. “I guess what we’re getting at is there just aren’t a whole lot of anxieties here, just good company and fresh, Florida grown and bred, all-natural ingredients. The kind directly from the community, served to the community.” This is what really drew me in.

Caitlin and I started with a house made sticky buns. I couldn’t not try this badboy before heading back to Boston.

House made Sticky Buns

But boy was my chocolate dipped waffle good. I don’t eat too many breakfast items, thank you no eggs or cheese in my life (by choice, I’m weird). So, I tend to stick with the sweet and a side of home fries, if I’m reallyyyy hungrayyy.

The waffle melted in my mouth with hot fudge, icecream, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. What could be better for brunch? I mean ALL OF THAT, you can’t go wrong.

Chocolate Dipped Waffle at Morgans Midtown

Morgans MidtownSome of their lunch at brunch items also caught my eye, I’m talking about their turkey burger. Whether its sweet or salty, “come on in; sit at their table and Find Your Roots.”

Morgans Restaurant
28 NE 29th Street, Miami FL 33132
Morgans Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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