1 Jan

Food for Thought

I have seen and read a lot of people’s posts about New Years and their resolutions. While I’m all about that, I think a perpetual affirmation of making yourself better shouldn’t just begin at the beginning of another year. It should be something you think about on a daily basis.

While I was home, I was cleaning out my desk and found a few cards from my dad with some good food for thought. I was happy to come across a card I was given before leaving to Madrid for my study abroad experience. My Dad left me a copy of a very relevant and interesting story (food metaphor for the now food blogger – he just knew I’d be doing this one day) he had come across. I wanted to share it as a reflection for all to think about in this new year and daily lives.

In The “Test Kitchen” of Life

A young woman was complaining to her father about how difficult her life had become. He said nothing, but took her to the kitchen and set three pans of water to boiling. To the first pan, he added carrots; to the second, eggs; and to the third, ground coffee.After all three had cooked, he put their contents into separate bowls and asked his daughter to cut into the eggs and carrots and smell the coffee. “What does this all mean?” she asked impatiently.

“Each food,” he said, “teaches us something about facing adversity, as represented by the boiling water.” The carrot went in hard but came out soft and weak. The eggs went in fragile but came out hardened. The coffee, however, changed the water to something better.

“Which will you be like as you face life?” he asked. Will you give up, become hard — or transform adversity into triumph? As the “Chef” of your own life, what will you bring to the table?

Thanks Dad for always inspiring!

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