Cocoanuts Gift Baskets

19 Dec

Cocoanuts Boston Right in the heart of the North End is the cutest of shops called Cocoanuts. The owners, Jen and Tara, sat across from each other at the age of 16 enjoying a slice of pizza, and told each other that one day we would open up a store together in Boston. If the name doesn’t give it away, it is a shop that sells local chocolate and goods. It is one of my favorite places to find local food gems. One of my favorite items is a Wasabi Ginger Popcorn. Sounds strange, but oh sooooo good. Cocoanuts Boston One of my favorite items in the store is Nicole Coady’s fixx chocolates. Each chocolate is named after someone special in her life. My favorite is Bud’s, peanut butter nougat with sea salt. Cocoanuts Boston There are so many delectable local goods here. I put together a few items to make my own holiday baskets, including: Holiday Gift Basket from Cocoanut Boston 1) TCHO squares – San Francisco based chocolate company focuses on the inherent flavors of cacao and chocolate, separating flavors by profile. It positions its chocolate in terms of the flavor profile instead of by cacao percentage or the origin of the beans. 2) Raaka Chocolate: Espresso- Belize – Makes organic, bean-to-bar chocolate in small batches in Brooklyn. 3) Eggnog medallions – Bite into these chocolate pieces and a splash of eggnog flows into your mouth! 4) Northlight Bakery Co. Macaroons – Local baker with a love for French Macaroons started her own company with some unique flavors. This set comes with peppermint stick and fig cardamon. Holiday Gift Basket from Cocoanuts Boston

Cocoanuts also have some pre-made baskets too! Get them while you can, it’s the perfect gift to give for Christmas.

Holiday Gift Basket Cocoanuts


28 Paramenter Rd.

Boston, MA 02113


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