Cafe Sushi

13 Dec

When a friend moves to Boston or is in town for the weekend, I insist we go out to eat. 1) We get to catch up. 2) I get to try out a new restaurant. What foodie wouldn’t love that arrangement??

Recently, a good friend of mine from Miami made the move back up to Boston. Since he lives out in Cambridge, I took the opportunity to try out Cafe Sushi. Although the restaurant has been around for a while, it has got a lot of recent buzz and this girl was intrigued.

Cafe Sushi CambridgeUpon arriving at 1105 Cambridge, it was not what I expected. I liked how down-to-earth the restaurant was.

Cafe Sushi CambridgeThe vibe was all encompassing: you could have a quick bite in jeans and a tee or dress on the fancier side before heading out! The restaurant has been in the family for 30 years and past on to their son six years ago. To the left is their son, Seizi Imura, working that night. He was personable and even took the time to take a photo with me!

Seizi Imura at Cafe SushiNow let’s talk sushi. All I can say is woah. The sushi that I tried had such distinct flavors and incorporated things I hadn’t seen across town. I had the Crispy Toban Jan roll- Tempura shrimp & avocado, topped w spicy mix of tuna with cilantro & lime. I’m salivating thinking about it right now.

Crispy Toban Jan rollI also tried a signature creation, Yama-Uni Maguro [tuna / wasabi oil / smoked salt / shiso/ yama-uni tofu].

Yama-uni maguro at Cafe Sushi

I don’t make it out to the Harvard Square area that much, but this will definitely be a place I swing by again!

Cafe Sushi
1105 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge, MA 02138

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