CalNaturale Svelte® Protein Shakes

11 Dec

According to the CDC, women between the age of 19-70 are recommended to have a daily protein consumption of 46 grams. This is not as easy a feat as one may think! Studies have also indicated that it is particularly important to replenish your muscles with protein within 30 minutes of a workout. As I’m trying to get more fit, I knew that a protein shake post workout would make sense, but the majority of the ones that I had tried did not make me want to keep drinking post first sip; CalNaturale Svelte® Protein Shakes on the other hand was a whoooole other story.

CalNatural Svelte Drink

Each shake contains 16 grams of protein from organic soy milk, 5 grams of fiber, complex carbs, 9 grams of sugar [sweetened naturally with stevia] and gluten and dairy free. I tried all the flavors but fell in love with the cappuccino flavor. Aside from their great taste, they’re quite the complement one needs post-workout. I’ll take a “Hello Beautiful” any day.

Cappuccino Svelte Organic Protein Shake

Buy It: You can purchase CalNaturale Svelte protein drinks from the CalNaturale Svelte® online store.

Note:  This post was sponsored by CalNatural Svelte®; all opinions are my own.

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