Kitchensurfing Boston

9 Dec

Kitchen Surfing Boston

While brunching at Towne, Jess from Gluten Free Boston Girl mentioned she had had the chance to try Kitchensurfing. Intrigued by the name and concept in general, I asked what it was. Low and behold, what I heard was music to my ears.

So here’s how it works:

1) The idea is you need a chef for something, anything.

2) Tell Kitchensurfing what you’re looking for : how many guests & your budget.

3) Search for chefs.

4) Customize your menu.

5) Book your chef. They come to YOU.

I have been craving a lot of Latin American food as the restaurant options are limited here. I was able to work with Andrea Morales who was an absolute sweetheart. Of Puerto Rican descent, I knew we’d get along just great. My roommate from BC that I care about dearly is from PR. More than that, I loved the food she’d introduce me to.

Our menu for the night:

Avocado Salad [avocados, tomatoes & red onions in a fresh cilantro vinaigrette]:

Dressing Kitchen Surfing

Avocado Salad Kitchen SurfingPernil con Mojo [slow cooked pork shoulder, marinated overnight in a traditional mixture of fresh citrus, garlic, and spices] over Black Bean & Achiote Rice  [black beans, slow cooked with garlic, onions, and chiles, served over achiote-scented rice]:

Main Dish of Kitchen Surfing

Tres Leches Cake:

Tres Leches Kitchen Surfing Cake

Seriously, I’m obsessed. So what’s stopping you from trying it out? Nothing. Kitchensurfing is available in Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Hamptons, LA, and NYC. I’d recommend it for a cute date night, family dinner party, or to test out your culinary skills with a cooking lesson! Find out more here.

Note:  I was provided a complimentary meal by Kitchensurfing; all opinions are my own.

One Response to “Kitchensurfing Boston”

  1. gfbostongirl December 10, 2013 at 10:54 am #

    Looks delicious!! I am so glad you had such a great experience!!

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