Moksa Cambridge

19 Nov

I was recently invited to a blogger dinner hosted by Blog and Tweet Boston at Moksa, a Pan Asian tapas restaurant in Central Square of Cambridge. I was excited to attend this event knowing that Moksa is known for its drinks. Little did I know how many drinks they’d be serving us (scroll down to the end and you’ll be in shock too).

Moksa Cambridge

Walking in, you could not miss the funky, but cool bar.

Moksa Cambridge

Before dinner, we were greeted with some rum punch: barrel aged organic Novo Fogo Cachaca, grilled pineapple, SOREL, and coconut juice . I had just learned the story behind the Maneki-neko cat below when I was in China.

Moksa Cambridge

Moksa Cambridge

Now for food:

We began our night with some vegetable dumplings. Yum.

Vegetable Dumplings at Moksa Cambridge

Then for the main event. Moksa served up a 4 course meal, each paired with its OWN beverage, a cocktail or a glass of wine. Your choice! I could not believe we were getting that much to drink, but we did.

Moksa CambridgeOur first drink was the Fall Manhattan – Bourbon, roasted buttercup squash, cider, honey & baking spice.

Fall Manhattan at Moksa Cambridge

The Fall Manhattan was paired with a Roasted Butternut Squash soup. This soup was crafted with coconut infused curry and young soy bean. It was quite tasty. I had never had a butternut squash before!Butternut Squash Soup at Moksa Cambridge

Next up was the Peking Sailor. I was ecstatic with this drink as it contained gin. It comprised of Hendrick’s gin (my favorite), Campari, Elderflower vinegar, cucumber & bubbly.Peking Sailor at Moksa Cambridge

My favorite item hands down was the Spicy Tuna Dumpling. It was covered in guacamole and a Thai mango sauce. So good!

Spicy Tuna Dumplings at Moksa Cambridge

Next drink -not kidding about the drinks – was the Liberator. This had Oakheart Rum, Chartreuse Curacao, mint & lime.

The Liberator at Moksa Cambridge

Off the menu, we were also brought the Central Roll – Cucumber wrap, crabstick, avocado, daikon, tobiko & sesame yuzu drizzle. Another favorite of the night! Central Roll at Moksa Cambridge

Main dish was 7 spice crusted Salmon. Talk about an interesting take on salmon with masaman curry sauce. Quite good! I would have liked it to be a little more soft and moist, but overall very tasty.

7 Spice Crusted Salmon at Moksa Cambridge

WAS NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE DRINKS…All were really great, but I don’t know how they thought we’d make it through the night with so many drinks. Clearly I did not have them in full, but had I, it would’ve been a long walk home across the Mass Ave Bridge.Drinks for Days at Moksa Boston

One of the greatest parts of the nights was the ladies I sat with. I told Rachel from Postcards from Rachel I’d be stealing her photo because my phone died towards the end of the night. Typical. The ladies I sat with were Jessica from Little Miss Runshine, Erin from Gibble Me This, myself, and Rachel.

Ladies at Moksa Cambridge

Tidbits of the Night

  1. Always speak up. I heard a name thrown around at the table and asked one of the bloggers if she knew a mutual friend as a result. She did! We were chatty Cathy’s thereafter.
  2. Never underestimate where you can meet new friends. I met one in the bathroom! Haha.

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