A Trip to Harvard Square, Coffee Style

18 Nov

This weekend I met my friend who moved to Boston from Harvard Square. We had a day full of catching up and coffee, of sorts. We began at Crema Cafe. If you’re looking for a nice vibe venue with excellent coffee, be sure to stop by! They leave you feeling warm and loved:

Coffee at Crema Cafe

To continue with the notion of coffee, we stopped in Urban Outfitters and there were some quite hilarious mugs.

Urban Outfitter Mug

Urban Outfitter Mug

Urban Outfitter Mug

Even the coffee they had for sale had comical canisters.

Coffee at Urban Outfitters

I’ll leave you to begin your Monday with a few great coffee links:

  • 11 reasons why you should drink coffee everyday.
  • 29 types of coffee drinkers. But really, this is spot on.
  • How hard is it to spell one’s name on a Starbucks cup?
  • A great blog about coffee. Its name is quite suiting.
  • America’s coolest coffeehouses.

Hope you’ve started off your morning right with a big cup of coffee. If not, there’s probably a coffee spot near you!

Photo cred: Shadilyinstyle

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