The Beat Hotel

31 Oct

The Beat Hotel

Basements seem to be the the new “it” thing. Imagine yourself transported back into the 1950s and are walking down into a completely decorated, eclectic venue covered with tie-die furnishings highlighted by select dim lighting and incorporates everything with a hint of spunk. Now open your eyes as that description details the Beat Hotel, a new restaurant in Cambridge. You would not believe that you were walking down into what once was the Tannery of Harvard Square. Following the same lower level as its sister restaurant, The Beehive, I could not wait for what was in store.

Before we had dinner, we were able to try a drink at the bar. I decided to try something out of the norm of my usual repertoire of Gin&Tonic or Pinot Grigio. I had the American Breed.

American Breed at the Beat Hotel{Maker’s Mark, St. Elder Elderflower Liqueur, Apple Cider}

 After an hour of mingling, we were directed to our tables. I was seated with Tiffany of Boston Fab and Smita of Hogger & Co. It was so lovely to meet a new blogger but also to catch up with another. The last sit-down dinner I had with Smita was way back in my Miami days when I showed her around Wynwood and we ate at Wynwood Kitchen.

Bloggers at Beat Hotel

Now let’s…




For appetizers, we had quite a few things. We tried the Crispy Calamari, Bohemian Platter, and Hamachi Sashimi. Everything was quite suberb.

Bohemian Platter at Beat Hotel

The calamari were very crispy, just as I like it.

Crispy Calamari at Beat Hotel

The sashimi had such a great dressing. What really added to it was the fennel that was incorporated. I would definitely order that again.

Sashimi at Beat Hotel

As an entrée I had the tandoori spiced halibut with red lentils and cucumber raita. This was hands down my favorite of the night. The mix of flavors was something I could envision but had never tried before. I would come back for many things from the night but this would be one of the biggest reasons.

Tandoori Spiced Halibut at Beat Hotel

For dessert, I had the bread pudding. It tasted slightly more like a flan as there seemed to be a heavier component of egg in it. Nevertheless, it was still delicious.

Bread Pudding at Beat Hotel

Jack Bardy, Jennifer Epstein, Bill Keravuori, and Bertil Jean-Chronberg have put together another fabulous dining experience. Not only is the food phenomenal, but who doesn’t love having some jazz in the background to set the mood for the night? The night we were at dinner, Kate McGarry was singing, accompanied by a fabulous band.

Bertil & I {Bertil & I}

More than being able to try a new dish or enjoying , blogger dinners bring a sense of community to a diverse group of people with a common love: food. To continue with that, every time I leave a blogger event or dinner, I always come out with a new perspective or tips. I feel so invigorated with a bigger sense of purpose upon talking to everyone who I come across at these outings. From now on, I’ll end my reviews with my favorite tidbits from the night.

Tidbits of the night:

1)     As much as I tell myself to control my portions for food on a daily basis, when I’m out at an event, that notion is the first thing that gets kicked out the door.

2)     Sharing appetizers is always the way to go, you get to try more.

3)     Any cocktail that is served with an umbrella is always best.

I cannot say enough good things about the Beat Hotel. They even kept my umbrella safe for three nights as I, in my food coma state, walked out without it. I tweeted them and I immediately heard from someone on the staff that they’d hold it until I came back. Talk about good service! I give it a big thumbs up.

Bertil Jean-Chronberg

Thank you to The Beat Hotel for having us in what turned to be an incredible evening in Harvard Square.

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  1. Hogger & Co. (@hoggerandco) October 31, 2013 at 9:27 am #

    Awesome review Elizabeth!! Always the best eating with you!

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