Odyssey Cruises : Blogger Brunch

21 Sep

This past weekend I was lucky to be invited to a Blogger Brunch on an Odyssey Cruise. Alexia, my Spanish counterpart / temporary roommate, was in town visiting and I thought that this was a perfect opportunity for us to do something  that showed Boston in a different light. We would be viewing the city from the sea instead of by foot in our adventures of downtown.

She stated it perfectly by claiming it to be the ‘3Bs’ – bloggers, brunch, boat. Well, my B’s were slightly different: Bloggers, Brunch and Booze. Talk about a wonderful Sunday.

Odyssey Cruise Blogger Brunch

We began by walking along Atlantic Ave and walking through the beautiful Boston Harbor Hotel. Upon entering the ship, we were directed to a sectioned off area for bloggers. Talk about feeling like a VIP– the unlimited food and champagne definitely enhanced this notion.

Odyssey Cruises Brunch

Champagne for Days

I think I gained 3 pounds from getting on to off the boat.

So there’s food — that’s great, right? I can walk out of my apartment and have a gazillion spots to choose from food wise; however, not many of them had the view and service that we had.

Boston Harbor

We went through the harbor and then one member of the staff gave a tour on the different histories of each of the harbor islands. It was quite fascinating to hear more about the background to parts of the place I now call home.

Thank you Blog & Tweet Boston for putting this together with Odyssey Cruises. It was a fabulous way to start off a Sunday.

One Response to “Odyssey Cruises : Blogger Brunch”

  1. Kate September 22, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    Aw I wanted to do this but already had other plans. Glad it was so fun! And a perfect day for it 🙂

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