My Favorite Photo Editing App

12 Jun

In a day and age where mobile is becoming the focal point for receiving information and interacting with the world via social platforms, it is of no surprise that photography has lent itself into the equation of ways people engage via their cellular.

One of the big players to that industry is Instagram, a photo real of your most personal and interesting little moments. When you share with others, you want it to be personal and what better of a touch than being able to edit via your device (instead of say, inserting a memory card into your computer, uploading, editing and then reincorporating- so ancient!) And we laugh, but it has become a pervasive part of our day-to-day lives.

Over App

Source: Church Mag

I must admit, I love incorporating new food finds, beautiful backdrops, or funny faces through my social platforms. On my instagram, you’ll find a whole lot of food. Most people tell me their mouths begin to water upon viewing my stream. Nevertheless, one fun editing app that I use (that I purchased) is now FREE thanks to the weekly Starbucks apps you see in-store.* This nifty piece of software is called Over. It is great for instances like the former, but also a good tool to use to add text to photos for blog pieces. I mean, who uses a camera now anydays? (Jokes, I still do – but I use my phone when I need to snap a photo and my camera is not readily available. You almost always have your phone.)


Blueberry Coconut Lassi

Double Rainbow in BostonGET IT WHILE IT’S HOT. (Starbucks pun?)

*To redeem, visit your local Starbucks shop and look for a card that looks like:

Over App Starbucks

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