My Taste of the Columbus Hospitality Group

26 Apr

My dream superpower would be to eat anything I wanted and maintain the same weight. I’m definitely one of those people that lives to eat. Its moments where I get invited to a Taste of Columbus Hospitality Group restaurants that I wish I actually had that superpower. When I first walked into Mistral, I was taken aback at the chic simplicity this restaurant embodied.  My immediate focal point was a sitting area with a large wall clock.  I had never seen décor positioned in that way and I absolutely loved it.

Mistral Bistro Entranceway in South End

Waiting at the bar for the private room to be ready, there was a “painting-curtain” separating the bar from the other sitting area. The images were picturesque, detailing scenes from nature. What better way to frame it than with actual foliage.

Mistral Bistro in the South End

Upon entering the main event, I was again impressed with the fantastic presentation that was pervasive throughout the room. The room was lit up with beautiful flowers, a great contrast to the rainy cold outside.

Mistral Bistro in South EndThe Columbus Hospitality Group comprises of the restaurants Mistral, Teatro, Mooo…,Sorellina and L’Andana.

The Columbus Hospitality Group

was only able to stay for the drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Sadly, I had another commitment that required me to leave before the desserts. I was able to try Spring Thyme: handmade vodka, rhubarb, thyme, lime and soda. It was quite refreshing. 

#Springthyme at Mistral Then I ventured over to the Mooo… table and had a sirloin slider with Mooo Sauce and caramelized onions. The meat was quiet tender.

Beef Sirloin sliders from Mooo... with Mooo sauce and caramelized onions

To its right was a table set up by L’Andana, renown for its Tuscan cuisine. They were grilling swordfish, something I had never tasted before. (Surprisingly!) It was quite the delicacy.

L'Andana Grilled Swordfish

My final stop and favorite item of the night was from Teatro: hand crafted fig & prosciutto sausage with spicy tomato brodo and shishito pepper. It was so good, I went back for not one but two more! This one really got me thinking, and I am definitely looking to visit Teatro and see what its full menu entails in the near future!

Teatro Sausage

If you could choose any of the places from which I got to taste, which would it be???

Note: This meal was provided  free of charge from Columbus Hospitality Group.  All of the opinions expressed here are my own.

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