The One & Only Keyan Keihani

19 Apr

Keyan Keihani

This guy will soon be famous. The guy I speak about is smart, funny, and an amazing musician. (Sounds like I could be signing him up for online dating – jokes, this guy is taken.)

By sheer luck, I happened to hit it off with one of my colleagues and over the course of the last 8 months I have had the pleasure to get to know Keyan Keihani. I had a chance to pick his brain and find out more about himself and his vision as a musician:

EH: When did you start playing guitar / singing?

KK: I started singing at a REALLY early age — maybe 8 or 9 when my dad taught me his favorite songs everyday on the drive to school. I discovered the Beatles when I was 11 or 12, my best friend gave me his guitar when I was 14 or 15 and the rest is history. I spent an entire summer learning Stevie Ray Vaughan licks. I think my hands are permanently destroyed because of that reckless regiment.

EH: Do you play any other instruments?

KK: I played trumpet for a few years and I think that went a long way in instilling a decent sense of theory. Aside from that, not really. I can clap and whistle pretty well. I’m currently accepting offers to do studio work for both. {Hear that producers?}

EH: What’s your go to song at the moment?

KK: Non-original – any song from the Buck Owens catalog, ‘Liza Jane’ by Vince Gill and “A Song For You” by Gram Parsons. I’m BIG into country/Americana right now. There’s nothing better than pedal steel and Fender Telecasters. Droooooool.

EH: When will you begin touring? CD?

KK: Hopefully I can begin hitting the road shortly after my record comes out. My brilliant producer, Michael Hurwitz, and I are working diligently to get it wrapped up. I’m so pleased with the way it sounds so far and hope others will be too.

I don’t know the name of the CD just yet, but I don’t feel compelled to name it after a song. It could be completely random.

EH: If you could tour with any one person/band, who would it be?

KK: Most of them are dead, but I would love to play in Nashville with Vince Gill on the electric guitar. Not really interested in playing huge sold out shows; I would much rather play a niche venue where the people go to actually listen. And yes: I plan on using that position if no one appears at my gigs. Hahaha 😉

Do yourself a favor and check him out. A sneak peak to his lyrical goodness can be found below:

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