Blog and Tweet Boston #GroupRun

8 Apr

More often than not -probably always- I would say running in 30 degrees and against 25 MPH wind is no fun. However, this past Saturday I had the pleasure of joining an event led by Blog and Tweet Boston that involved a group run with Luis, Liana, Jen, Stacey, and Kerrie, some relaxing stretching and a session with Vega foods.

Our run was alongside the Charles River. It was quite the picturesque path. It was deceptively cold because the sun was out and beaming but the wind gusts just creeped up on you. As my nose began to run and I became short of breath, I was happy to get to the Hatch Shell. There, Kendall led us in some yoga stretches that were really helpful and gave us a taste of what we could expect from Wellness by the Water retreat. Kendall and Celeste explained we could expect a day full of spa, yoga, and other things in Cambridge on May 19th. They came with some goodies for us too! Too nice!

Wellness by the Water goodie bag

Hint Water

Then, Elizabeth spoke to us about Vega and nutrition tips. So much knowledge; it was wondeful! She came with protein power palls for a postwork out snack and also came with gifts too! I can’t wait to try all the items out!

Elizabeth Jarrard

Protein Power Balls

Vega Protein Powder and Products

All these 3 things combined led to a pretty fine morning. If every Saturday were of this nature, I’d probably be more fit and ready for a marathon by now! Nevertheless, incentives aside, I’d like to try and get a few more morning runs in as “spring progresses to summer.” Hopefully there’s no more snow…but seriously.

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