First Friday: Count Every Penny

5 Apr

In my life, my dad has taught me more than a thing or two.. and boy have the things he explained to me really helped me in life. First off, I’m never late. If you know me, I’m actually always on time. To him, if we’re not 15 minutes early, we’re late. This has really stuck with me. It has helped me in making good first impressions, getting goodies that were for the first arrived, and made sure I have had first dibs on emergency aisle seats.

Another thing he taught me as a little munchkin was the importance of money, budgeting, and most importantly, cash flow. This little nugget of gold (see what I did there?) is the foundation of this post. As it is the first Friday of April (how did a quarter of the year fly by so fast), I am looking to setting goals for the month every first Friday.

So…it is the first Friday of April. For the month of April, I’m really taking ownership of financial responsibility and going with the mantra “count every penny.” I’m already well ahead with my budget and looking to find ways to really enhance my activities using less money.

Some great resources:

Life: Check this financial site every morning for articles that are applicable to life and not just reporting the hard cold facts.

Budgeting: A good handbook that guides you on the ins and outs of budgeting.

Food: Recipes that won’t break the bank.

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