A Stroll Through Harvard Square

25 Mar

This Saturday, Luis & I took a stroll through Harvard Square to have a change in pace. Our first stop was the Harvard Book Store. It was heaven to peruse through books. The line was surprisingly long, wrapping through the aisles of books.

Harvard Book Store

Then we stopped in Urban Outfitters for some laughs:

T Rex Comic Book

Ron Burgundy Shirt from Urban OutfittersHaving had a fabulously filling brunch at Paramount in Southie, I was way too full for any large goodies, but it didn’t hurt to window shop. Some of my favorite finds were:

Crema Cafe CupcakesCupcakes at Crema Cafe.

Macaroons at LA Burdick Chocolates

Pastries at LA Burdick

Bon Bons at LA Burdick Chocolates

Macaroons, Pastries, and Chocolate at L.A. Burdick Chocolates.

We even indulged a bit and tried the Pavé Glacé:

Pave Glace at LA Burdick

Where did you spend your weekend??

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