I’ll Have a Coppa of Those

15 Mar

Coppa Pig

In Italian, Coppa means the neck of a pig. The boar’s head at the entrance of Coppa interweaves the metaphor between decor and name. In my opinion, it should mean delicious. Last night, I joined my bella best friend Miriam and some of our friends in a celebration of her day of birth. This could not have been more perfect of a venue: dim romantic lighting, eclectic but fun beats, and amazing service. (I must note that we were seated past our reservation time, but the staff was so friendly and helpful you forgot that that was the case. That being said, if you’re a big party, make sure to make a reservation – this location is tiny, but adds to the intimacy of this spot.)

Miriam & I

We received our first appetizer, some pork crostini, on the house as a token for having us wait longer than expected. We were not expecting it, but happily chowed down as we were starving. Upon sitting down, we ordered the Meatballs al Forno and the Tuscan Steak Tartare. As I mentioned, we were starving, so I couldn’t snag photos of these two appetizers. I did, however, get a picture of another complimentary appetizer: the striped bass ceviche. I wish this picture would last forever, as it is a rarity to find good ceviche in the city of Boston.

Pork Crostini

Striped Bass Ceviche

With all the deliciousness of the appetizers presented before our eyes, I could not WAIT for my main dish: Cavatelli con Pollo / Whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage and slow cooked broccoli. This homemade dish was utter perfection. It had the perfect combination of sauce, paired with some pieces of brocoli and chicken. What I liked was that it had a kick of spice in it. It was a very a-typical to my usual magnet attraction to any pasta similar to the bolognese.

Cavetelli con Pollo

I was so pleased, I will definitely be back soon. Keep an eye out for me!

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