Running Necessities

13 Mar

Those of you who follow my Instagram know that I went on a lovely run today. It finally feels like Spring and I cannot be happier. I hope we continue to have days like today in the future. No more snow please! You’ll find some of my favorite photos from the path I took below.

Run along the Charles River

Don't Forget to Smile

What do you want in life?

With every run, I make sure I take a few necessities with me:

Running Necessities

1) Nathan Sports Hydration Belt – Hydration is key to a long run.

2) Lululemon Headband – I have so many frillies that are growing in. A headband ensures that they don’t whip into my face on my run – they can get quite distracting.

3) Belkin Armband – Let’s be honest- no one wants to have a sweaty hand and hold your iPhone and have it slip. This badboy nestles my cellular and ensures that I have steady music stream throughout the my entire run.

4) Polar Heart Rate Monitor – I recently got a heart rate monitor. It is pure genius – it really helps me gage how I am doing on my runs.

Also, don’t forget to take the key necessities (all of the below fit in my Nathan Sports Hydration belt):

  • House key – How much would it suck to get locked out?
  • Money – Good in case an emergency comes up – a cramp leads you to take public transportation home, you need some extra hydration, or for making a phone call in the case that your phone dies. You never know what can happen!
  • Identification- You should never go anywhere without some form of ID. A run is no exception.

What do you take on your run???

One Response to “Running Necessities”

  1. Busy Girl Health March 14, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    What a great view! And I LOVE the Belkin armband, can’t work out without it.

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