Charge Up on Caffeine While Also Plugging In Your Cellie

28 Feb

Where we have gotten with technology today is absolutely incredible. Twenty years ago, I remember my parents sitting in my living room watching me perform a rendition of my favorite made-up songs that I recorded on a tape machine in the hopes of becoming the next rockstar. Having had dinner with a client last night, he added to this change in generation by telling an anecdote from his daughter’s friend’s 5 year old birthday party. One of her friends kept asking his mother for a cupcake. When asked more than a handful of times, the mom asked him to stop being a broken record and wait until they sang happy birthday. He responded by asking what a record was!!!

If we rewind back to two years ago, Starbucks became an innovator in the space by offering free wi-fi. Fast forward to yesterday, I was approached by Doug, a promotional guy for Duracell Power Mat, and received a free case that automatically syncs to a pad in selected Starbucks and will charge your phone wirelessly. Boston has been selected as a test city to try out this shnazy technology. Adam Brotman, Starbucks Chief Digital Officer, said Boston was chosen because it is “a hotbed for early adoption and tech-savvy customers.” With 8 charging pads in each of 17 stores across the city, it’ll be interesting to see its next placement.  But SERIOUSLY, what’s next?

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