I Work Out

11 Feb

While I won’t be in a bikini any time soon, I have made it a personal goal to hit the gym at least 4 days a week. As I am getting my spin certification in a little under 2 weeks, I feel that I have to get into the groove of frequenting the gym more often than not. If not, my body will not be able to maintain a vigorous workout schedule upon starting to teach classes.

So how do you get yourself to the gym consistently, you may ask yourself? Right now, its, at maximum, 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That is NOT a motivating factor to get yourself out of bed and to the gym. The things that gets me focused with my goal is two fold. First, I know that I will be healthier by frequenting the gym more often. Second, I have a period of time where I get to rock out to some killer tunes.

My running session would not fair well without some hot beats. Dr. Oz notes that research on exercise motivation has repeatedly proven the benefits of listening to music during one’s workout. Music not only makes exercise more enjoyable, but it also distracts your brain from the physical stress of exercising. Thus, having a hot beat can lead to less physical burnout, more exercise time, and, ultimately (my goal), more calories burned. House music and Latin rhythms get me through my particularly intense workouts. Some favorites can be found below:

{We are the Lucky Ones by Germany}

{Zumba by Don Omar}

{Calling City Epic Dreams – Remix}

{Idols (EDM Mashup) -Virtual Riot}

{Rabiosa by Shakira}

What keeps you motivated during your workout?

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