Valentine’s Day Gifts

7 Feb

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. In fact, it is a week from today. Many a friend of mine have stated this holiday as the day invented by Hallmark, but there is much more history to it. Sure, Hallmark capitalized off of it – but if you were a company that could capitalize off of people’s interests, why not? It’s smart business. With that said, I would definitely give into the holiday by splurging on the below items – whether or not you have a significant other, there’s always a time to spend some money on yourself. Check out my favorite picks below:

Valentine's Day Gifts

1 | 2| 3| 4

Friend or family, everyone loves to receive sweets. Below were my favorite baked goods for this loving day:

Martha Stewart

{Spicy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies by Martha Stewart}


{DIY Conversation Heart Cakes by Studio DIY}

Pink Meringue Cupcakes with Raspberry Curd{Pink Meringue Cupcakes with Raspberry Curd by Martha Stewart}

What are you most looking for this Valentine’s Day?

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