KLUTCHclub {Review}

5 Feb

While snail mail has unfortunately become a thing of the past, receiving packages are always welcomed. I know in my case, I eagerly sift through the packages at my apartment to see if something is for me. With the idea of “new year’s resolutions” constantly in mind, I have been harping on the idea of sticking to healthy habits.


Guide of KLUTCHclub

The box came with a little guide that explains each item and why it was included. 

KLUTCHclub could not have been more appropriate given my current sentiments to incorporating healthy living into my day to day routine. “Help you maintain a healthy weight, workout regime and positive relationship with your reflection.”

It took me a while to go through and try all the items of the box, but from my first experience of all the items, I could not be happier.

January Box

The box included:

1. TurboFire‘s Greatist Hits Cardio DVD : I’ve never done a TurboFire workouts before – generally I liked to get to the gym for a workout. I like the opportunity to keep a quick but tough burn indoors, particularly with this frigid cold we’ve had in Boston these past few weeks.

2. Pro Compression $20 gift card: I’ve never bought compression socks and felt that they have been all the hype, especially for runners. This definitely gave me that added push to test it out and see what everyone is talking about.

3. FRS Healthy Slim Chews: These chews were made to help you feel full sooner. I had 2 as per recommendation and felt no different. They were a yummy snack an hour prior to my meal, but if I wanted to be full, I’d rather just drink a glass of water.

4. Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink: I have never really been a fan of energy drinks. This may be a result of my horrible experiences with Redbull.  This organic bevy is chemical-free, which is something I’m looking to incorporate more.  Thus, I’m willing to give this one a shot, but I haven’t needed it just yet.

5. EAS Lean 15 Bar: This protein bar was one of my favorite things in the box. I am constantly looking for a good bar as a post work-out snack before walking home, preparing dinner, and then finally sitting down to eat. This bar was made for me because it incorporates peanut butter and chocolate, two of my favorite things.

6. Madecasse Chocolate: I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE. This was much darker than I’m used to, but was still savory.

7. Bach Rescue Remedy Gum: Recently, I have been really stressed with trying to be superwoman. I have a lot that I want to get done and not enough time. One day, when I found myself being particularly stressed I took a bite of this gum, “A combination of 5 flower remedies to help you relax, get focused and find your sense of calm.” It was very herbal and not as sweet as I expected. I did not really feel any different from chewing it, however.

8. Ginger People Ginger Chews: I love these ginger chews. In a foodie pen pal exchange I did a while back, I sent my pen pal this goodies. When you take your first bite, a delightful flavor is the first thing that hits your taste buds.. wait a few seconds..and then… BAM… a sudden ginger burst takes a hold of your palette. These are definitely not for everyone, but everyone should give it a shot at least once to receive the benefits from ginger chews.

9. Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables Chips – Sea Salt Flavor: These were another one of my favorite items of the box. They were SO GOOD.  There’s a serving of veggies in every bag! Highly recommended!

10. LeBootcamp Weight Loss Program: I have a gym membership and look to use it as my means of keeping in shape. Nevertheless, for those interested, this program gives $25 off a one-month plan for weight loss coaching (group or one-on-one).

11. Hypnosis Network’s Best-Recorded Sessions: To be honest, I won’t use this, but I see the value & diversity of the box with this offering. You get two free sessions, one of which is about weight loss.

My favorite thing about KLUTCHclub is that you can preview the box contents on KLUTCHclub’s website before you sign up.  In addition, you are not obligated to sign up for a monthly membership–you can subscribe on a box by box basis. Besides the flexibility and full box disclosure, I also love that this subscription club is a health and wellness  company.  They send you an array of things that are actually good for you—supplements, snacks, protein bars, fitness products, beauty products, online wellness memberships, and even gift cards on occasion.  The monthly KUTCHclub box costs $18.

KLUTCHclub provided me with the January box free of charge.  All comments above are my honest, unbiased opinions. 

2 Responses to “KLUTCHclub {Review}”

  1. bendiful February 11, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

    I love my klutch boxes too! It’s my “self” gift each month. Enjoy!

  2. bendiful February 11, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    I also love my klutch box! Such a great service.

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