Just Sauce

25 Jan

Last night, I went to Mija Cantina in Faneuil Hall. A friend of mine won a happy hour and margaritas were $4 and all apps were 1/2 off. How could anyone say no to that? I had been for drinks many a times, but never had the opportunity to sit down and eat some appetizers. Surprisingly enough, it was quite delicious. The guacamole was incredible: one of its ingredients was jalapeno and that gave it just the right kick!

Happy Hour

Luis and I said our hellos, had a drink or two, and ate a quick bite. Riding the T home, my stomach began to slightly rumble (of course). I’d been meaning to try Trader Joe’s turkey bolognese “Just Sauce”. So I played with the idea of having a small bowl of pasta and topping it with the sauce because the last thing that I wanted to do after a long day was cook dinner. When I opened the carton, its packaging reminded me of something that my mom would put into a container and save for future nights that merely needs defrosting. It did not taste like those inedible frozen trays that you find at a local grocery store.  To give you an idea of what it includes, it is a slow-cooked sauce with tomatoes, dry white wine, celery, onions & carrots. In terms of spices, it has exactly the right amount of basil, oregano, thyme & fennel. With that, let me let you know that it is phenomenal. It’s flavor was similar to that of the bolognese at Cafeteria Boston, which is by far my FAVORITE place for this dish in Boston.  I highly recommend it!

Turkey Bolognese

One Response to “Just Sauce”

  1. Courtney January 29, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    I have been wanting to try to bolognese at Cafeteria for awhile after I spotted it across the restaurant. I’m glad to know you recommend it. I’ll have to get it asap.

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