Too Much Tech

23 Jan

Let’s be honest, I’m that friend that’s always on the phone. I hate to take the award for this cliche, but I have come to terms with it. Whether I’m checking in to a place to see if there’s a special I can’t miss or looking to see if I’ll freeze my tuckus off (it’s 10F in Boston), I definitely would say I’m attached at the hip to my phone.

An inauguration photo from BuzzFeed (the ‘Smartphone Presidency’) really got me thinking: do you feel like technology has taken over your life?

As I mentioned above, in most senses, I have succumbed to the power of technology. I work at a computer for at least 8 hours a day and then come home and do research for posts or browse the internet for my next shopping splurge, while, all at the same time, watching TV. My goodness!

I even see this affecting the generation after me, particularly my younger cousins. When looking back, sure, we had Gameboy or N-64, but there was a limitation and restriction on how long you could play. Now, with games on your phone or traveling systems like the DS, you can be connected 24/7. I like the ability to instantly be able to find out your closest coffee shop or the definition to a word, but enough is enough. I’m looking to slowly wean off my technology dependence  I need more peaceful little moments, time reading books (paperback) and enjoying outside strolls.

Do you feel that technology is now playing a bigger role in your life?  If so, how are you going about incorporating more tech-free time into your day to day?

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