A Coffee State of Mind

21 Jan

Coffee is such a vital part of my day and such a HUGE part of my return to the week day that is Monday. As a blogger (and as a result writer), I can really relate to the quote by T.S. Elliot, ” I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” I definitely center and plan my day around the next fix of this caffeinated drink; ironically, the caffeine does nothing for me. My taste buds simply love the aromatic and sultry flavor that results from this beverage. On Friday, I really enjoyed using links into my post. With such a busy day to start the week (although some of you reading have today off), I decided to recap some of my favorite coffee fixes below:

My favorite place for coffee in Boston: Trident Cafe. Miami: Pasion del Cielo.

9 coffee drinks with clever nicknames — How many did you know? I knew three of them; I want to try the Eiskaffe.

A recipe to Irish Coffee and 21 other fun facts about the beverage itself.

A coffee shop in NYC I’d like to visit – D’Espresso. This coffee shop is designed to appear like a library turned on its side:

How do you start your morning? With coffee? Another routine?

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