Countdown to Super Bowl XLVII

20 Jan

Today is a big day in Football: whoever wins these games will go to the Superbowl.  While I am rooting for the Falcons to make it to the final game (Boston College – Matt Ryan attended from 2004-08 – is my alma mater), what I am more excited for is the Super Bowl day festivities and advertisements.

When it comes to decorating inspiration, I always like to reference Real Simple. When hosting a “Winning Super Bowl Party”, one should have:

Photo Source: Real Simple

  1. Festive, Football Themed Decor 
  • Make coasters out of astroturf.
  • Take mini pots and add wheatgrass (available at flower shops) and top them with mini footballs.


2. Easy Finger Foods

A fun take on the classic slider:

Usually the boys are hooked to the TV, but I think it would be fun to introduce some fun activities to incorporate during Half-Time (Naturally, this would be after Beyonce performed). I got this inspiration from having read about Michelle’s Super Bowl Party post from last year:

{Super Bowl Bingo}

{Pin the Football}

What is your plan for Super Bowl Sunday? How do you plan on preparing?




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