Emergen-C Berry Smoothie

15 Jan

There is a state of emergency in the city of Boston regarding the flu. I am really happy my mom insisted upon me getting my shot when I was home, as it has been quite a stressful time between getting all my resolutions into place, organizing my apartment for my best friend from Madrid moving to Boston, getting back into the groove of work, and trying to get enough sleep. With all of this going on, you can only imagine how my immune system feels. Good so far (knock on wood), and hopefully getting better with this

Lucky enough, having recently come across Brit + Co. , she had the solution to my needs: an Emergen-C Berry Smoothie.

– 2 cups frozen berries (we prefer unsweetened)
– 1 medium banana
– 1 cup strawberry nonfat Greek yogurt
– 1 packet Emergen-C


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    […] keep it away, and hopefully my body approves. I had a good nights sleep and this morning I had an emergen-c smoothie and I am looking to keep well hydrated throughout the day. I did some research on best remedies for […]

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