Tray Chic in the Cafeteria

12 Jan

Remember the days of waiting in the lunch line? Do you miss them? I sure don’t; however, if there was a lunch line for Cafeteria, I would be the bully of the school and try to always get first dibs. Asking to be seated away from the door downstairs to avoid the wind chill, I got to sit upstairs for the first time. It was a completely different experience. It still had the same recipe for a great night: full of happiness, good service, and great company. Can’t miss that splash of fun too!

While I loved field trips to museums, the movie theater and community service projects, none really compares to my “Field Trip” last night. As a lover of caipirinhas, I could not resist trying a new drink that had cacacha in it.

Field Trip comprised itself of cachaca, strawberry puree, lime, and ginger beer. When trying new drinks, I always feel that in some way,shape or form, it tastes like a drink I’ve had or made before. Not this one. I was really impressed.

I was too hungry to document a picture of the exquisitely breaded calamari that Luis and I got as an appetizer. Upon having it placed onto the table, I meticulously separated the squid heads from calamari rings. I know they all come from the same animal and end up in the same place, but I just can’t stomach it. (See what I did there?)

The chill, lounge-y music background was soft and reminiscent of a venue I would find at home in Miami. Ironically, the table next to us was comparing neighborhoods of Boston to Miami and brought up a big holiday event “The Matza Ball” at LIV in the Fontainebleau. I just can’t escape it! Conversations around the next season of Suits and other series consumed the time between apps to main dishes.

I couldn’t kid myself into trying something new, knowing that Bolognese was on the menu. I have decided that this is the most unique rendition of this dish in Boston. Using parpadelle is something I’m really fond of; further, there is a smoky, light herb cream secret ingredient that keeps me coming back for more! This says a lot considering I avoid cream like the plague.

Luis, on the other hand, switched things up and had the braised short rib. Its tenderness was something extraordinary. (I made sure to get a bite) The dish came with parmesan polenta, broccoli rabe, horseradish cream.

We were back and forth between getting dessert, but decided that we were too full. My stomach thought otherwise and 30 minutes later, I got a small thing of ice cream. Even though it is wintertime, it’s never too cold for ice cream.

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