The New Year’s Shaping Up

7 Jan

Upon entering City Sports this past weekend, I came across The Improper Bostonian. In its most recent magazine, an article came up with the trends for staying healthy and wise in 2013:

1) Ginger Massage – Ginger regulates the respiratory system, eases muscle pain and decreases inflammation. This rub saturates the skin during a 20-minute foil wrap, followed by a soak and body butter massage after the plant. While I have used ginger many a time in the kitchen, I have never imagined it to be useful in a massage. I might just stop by Bliss to try this out!

2) Ear Seeds- I’ve never done acupuncture, but it looks like it is a growing fad. Beginning in China, where healers developed the skin-pricking practice to correct imbalances in qi, or energy flow, acupuncture didn’t appear in the States until Nixon’s famous trip in 1972. Ear seeds, or magnets applied to various points on the ear with adhesive after acupuncture, are a way for continued frequency in between sessions. With more than 100 points on the organ, the ear links to every part of the body.

3) Light Sauces- “Butter doesn’t always make everything better.” Agreed!

4) Body Weight Training- Body weight workouts, like push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, pull-ups and certain yoga positions, don’t require any equipment besides limbs. Nice to have a free way to work out in addition to the monthly gym memberships.

5) Barre Workouts– Already on my list for 2013!

6) Life Coaching- While this is a trend for 2013, I wish to one day take more ownership in this area. People always come to me looking for advice and insights. I hope to one day be able to speak more to this in helping family and friends.

7) Obstacle Courses- I don’t think I am ready for this this year.

8) Healthful Apps- Now a days, a smartphone can get you a long way. With technology growing daily, the newest toy can be a download away. In many cases, apps are free!

9) Upgraded Kitchen Gadgets- “Health-by-convenience tops the trending charts this year.” While I am in complete agreement with this notion, I feel that my 2013 will be full of delicious pastries with the addition (hopefully soon) of a Ultra Power Stand Mixer.


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