My Recent Fix

3 Jan

A year ago, you would never pin me as an ebook advocate. I refused to even dabble in it. Having moved to a new city with a bustling and great transportation system, I have time to spend thinking, people watching, and most importantly, reading. Thus, the Kindle became an attractive piece of technology for me. Upon reading my first e-book, I was hooked.

My next big discovery was Audible. How it works:


$7.49/mo for your first 3 months

  • Receive one book a month and exceptional member value.
  • Listen anytime, anywhere with the free Audible app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Kindle.
  • Exchange any book you didn’t like with our Great Listen Guarantee.
  • 30% off all additional titles, plus access to exclusive members-only sales.
  • Cancel your membership at any time and keep all purchased titles.

Now, if the T is too crowded (which more times than not – it has been), I can just plug in and turn on Audible.

What are you diggin’ these days?

One Response to “My Recent Fix”

  1. Maria Tettamanti January 3, 2013 at 8:27 am #

    I tried with the Kindle but just couldn’t. I’m a good old fashioned book kinda gal. But this does sound cool!

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