Happy New Year

1 Jan

Make It Happen

I cannot believe another year has gone by. 2012 flew by so quickly! This year, I have reflected on my resolutions for the year and thereon. My mantra for 2013 is “Make it Happen”. This notion may sound simple, but so many a times I get caught up in my obstacles, that I don’t think of the end result. This year, this won’t be the case. Some things I’m looking to accomplish this year are:

  1. Become a Spin Instructor.
  2. Read a book a month, at minimum.
  3. Cook more.
  4. Give back to the community more frequently.
  5. Learn Portuguese.
  6. Constantly keep in contact with family and friends.

My inspiration came from a book I got for Christmas: “Making Ideas Happen“.

Making Ideas Happen surrounds itself on the premise that no one is born with the ability to drive creative projects to completion; instead, execution is key. It is a skill that must be developed by building one’s organizational habits and gaining the support of one’s colleagues. Scott Belsky has studied the habits of especially productive individuals and teams across various industries and then compiled the principles and techniques they share. In doing so, he presents a systematic approach to creative organization and productivity. While many of us focus on generating and searching for ideas, Belsky details why it’s better to develop the capacity to make ideas happen-a capacity that endures over time.




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  1. Charity Miles « Little Moments of Happiness - January 24, 2013

    […] New Years resolutions got you thinking how you can give back to the community? I know that recently I have constantly been looking for ways to give back, and today I found an app that makes it as easy as 1,2,3!  With Charity Miles, it is as easy as getting moving. What attracted me to this app is that it incentivises you to work out and earn money that you can contribute to a charity of your choice.  As you exercise, we’ll track your distance and the money earned. Bikers earn 10¢ a mile. Walkers and runners earn 25¢ a mile, up to their initial $1,000,000 sponsorship pool. […]

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