Five Things Friday

14 Dec

And another Friday rolls around. These weeks before the new year are just passing by like the blink of an eye. This Friday I wanted to take a different approach on my five things. This week, I will list 5 fun song facts I recently came across on Buzzfeed.

1) Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, “Inner Groove,” contains a high-pitched tone that only dogs can hear. I have to try this with Riley and see if he tilts his head in that ever cute way to make note of a different frequency unbeknownst to me.

2) Sweet Caroline – This jam by Neil Diamond was to express his feelings for his crush, Caroline Kennedy. Apparently, he wrote it in under an hour!

3) TikTok – Kesha’s single that has got you feeling like P. Diddy has sold more copies than any of the Beatles’s singles.

4) Like A Virgin – Madonna’s risque single was originally intended to be sung by a man!

5) In 1968, Louis Armstrong set the record for the oldest artist to ever top the UK singles chart, two months shy of 67 with his beautiful song, “What a Wonderful World.”

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