Drive Me Crazy

3 Dec

Sunset Drive

A coworker of mine introduced me to the blog Smart, Pretty, and Awkward and it has been a blog crush ever since. I love starting off my day by reading Molly Ford’s tips and fun facts. She started this blog because she had one little tip that she thought was genius–using clean, unused toilet seat covers as facial blotting tissues (which, I promptly forgot about, and didn’t blog about until five months in). In real life, she spends her days being a little awkward, a little pretty, and a little smart. I like the site because she takes a quote and relates it to something awkward, pretty, and smart! (An example is below.)

In the past few months, with moving to a different city and adjusting to what that lifestyle entails, I felt like I was going a little crazy…at times. I took to heart and really reflected on one of her recent post quotes: “No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys.” – Doug Horton

How to be Smarter: In small actions, be kind; in big actions, be brave.

How to be Prettier:  A winter trend this year is toe cap shoes: essentially, shoes that have a toe that is a different color than the rest of the shoe (examples herehere and here).

How to be (less) Awkward: If you are not sure whether you should send a potentially upsetting email or text, just pause and ask yourself the question: “how would I feel if this popped up in my inbox?” If the answer is not how you want the receiver to feel, go back and reword passages to take a slightly different tone.

Check it out to see why it was love at first sight for me!!!!

One Response to “Drive Me Crazy”

  1. Molly December 4, 2012 at 12:26 am #

    Thank you for your sweet words about SP&A! I’m so happy you liked that post–that quote is one of my favorites, too. 🙂

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