5 Things Friday

30 Nov

I want to get in the groove of posting consistently. One thing that will motivate me is having a post that is planned for a day. I’m always coming across new things that I like, so why not a 5 things Friday?

Here goes…

1. Music: You know when you hear a song and you’re like this badboy could be a huge hit? Well, I got one of those for you. I recently heard this song by Zedd by perusing through a Spotify playlist. I like to get me going, whether it be for a workout, prepping for a presentation, or even walking down the streets of Boston.

2. Workout: Zumba. My new favorite class at the gym is hands down Zumba. On Tuesday, Amy over at the Fenway Boston Sports Club sure knows how to get your body shaking.

3.Quote: I’d like to say that I’m doing my best to embody the below quote.

4.Smoothie (to Try): I have always had an inclination for smoothies. Having perused through Women’s Health Magazine, I was interested in trying the below smoothie:

The Hunger Killer
“This hearty blend is stocked with filling fiber from fruit and protein from tofu. “Fiber helps you feel full without contributing tons of calories, and protein is the most satiating nutrient,” says WH advisor Lisa Drayer, R. D., author of The Beauty Diet. Get added ammunition from the omega-3 fatty acids in flax seed oil. ‘Omega-3’s help increase your metabolic rate and burn fat,” Avanti says. “They’ve also been found to reduce the number of fat cells, especially in the belly.'” 
What You’ll Need1 c strawberries, hulled
1 c cubed mango
1 lime, peeled and seeded
2 Tbsp flax seed oil
1/2 c silken tofu (1/4 of a package)
1 1/2 c ice

5, Cool New Gadget: Plank. – Phone. Wallet. Keys. Sunglasses. Keep all your essentials on this small floating shelf with a magnetic underside. The magnet is on the bottom only and does not affect anything placed on the shelf.

One Response to “5 Things Friday”

  1. Maria Tettamanti November 30, 2012 at 9:32 pm #

    How cool is the Plank? Um, WANT.

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