20 Sep


Having had parents from South America and growing up in Miami, I am obsessed with all types of Latin food. Last night, I ventured out to Harvard Square to test out a Venezuelan spot, Orinoco*. As a heads up, I would not go on an empty stomach, because this spot is definitely on Latin time. Nevertheless, the food was INCREDIBLE. If you have never tried Venezuelan food, this place is a must. There were so many things I wanted to have, but my stomach could only handle so much.

To start, we ordered a trio of Empanadas: cazon (fish), domino (black bean & cheese) , and mechada (beef) with signature mojo. The mojo dipping sauce that was to die for; I could have taken a whole bottle back home with me. For entrees, both of us got the Pabellón Criollo: Venezuela’s most folkloric dish: shredded beef, white rice, black beans and plantains. I definitely asked for an extra side of that mojo as an accompaniment to my food. SERIOUSLY SO GOOD!  All of this was paired with an Argentinian Malbec. With the combination of all of these factors, and amazing company, I definitely could not go wrong with my dining choice.

Orinoco is one of the longest rivers in South America and over 75% of it is based in Venezuela.

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