10 Jun

Among many lists I’ve created today, I’ve seem to compile tons of home goods that I’m obsessed with and dearly want. Aside from being very useful, they are quite extraordinary. Below you can see a few of the items that have fascinated me:

1) Hooknook from Flip & Tumble. These nifty wall pieces act as storage space that have a built into the wall-mount design. You can hang your scarf, handbag, earbuds, etc around it. Inclusively, you can also stash little things like your Iphone, keys, or pens inside. This is perfect for the entrance to my room; maybe I won’t lose as many things now!

2) Sort It Out! Wall Caddy from Three by Three. I saw this in a Real Simple magazine and instantly loved it! This mountable command center with a dry-erase calendar is perfect to keep me up to date with all my events and activities! It features:

• a real bamboo or magnetic stainless dry•erase surface
• a silkscreened weekly planner
• 2 strong magnets for posting cards and photos.
• 3 rear compartments for files, magazines, mail, glasses, phones, and pens
• 3 hooks for keys, coats, bags

Includes 2 strong magnets, dry•erase pen, and mounting hardware.

3) EcoForest Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log by Essay Group. This piece is perfect for outdoor entertaining. It’s a kiln-dried birch stump that lights with just one match and burns up to three hours. How cool is that?? Roasted marshmallows at the next BBQ? I think so! You can find this item at select Home Depot, Costo, and other major retailers.

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