Green Monkey

30 Apr

Do you live in South Miami, Midtown or Miami Beach? Are you looking for a good yoga class? Well, Green Monkey is just the place for you. While at Boston College, I frequented a yoga class called “Hip Hop Yoga”. No, we were not doing yoga to the sounds of Ludacris or Ja Rule; instead, it was more mellow bands such as Coldplay, Counting Crows, Incubus, etc.

Ever since I got back from BC, I was searching for a comparable class and had not found anything. A year and a half ago, I decided to venture into a community class at Green Monkey. I chose this class because it was most friendly to my wallet, $7 compared to the normal $15. Also, its at 8:15pm which is more than enough time to make it to the class after work. As a result, I became loyal to the class because I loved it so much and it had the touch of my favorite class back at Boston College. Inclusively, the instructor, Heather, guides you step by step and helps you throughout the entire class. You leave the class feeling so relaxed and happy hearted!

Check out the class schedule if you’re interested in trying a new class!

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