What a cute DIY

22 Apr

There are a few daily reads that I love. One being Oh Happy Day!. Recently, I was scrolling through and found a fabulous DIY, one which I aim to do in the near future. Hopefully I can recruit a few friends and put it into fruition.

The fabulous DIY is make your own picnic baskets. As summer is approaching, who wouldn’t love this idea? Sun out, friends surrounding, good music popping all measure up to a fabulous summer recipe. The picnic baskets are made out of butcher paper. Look below to see how they were made! As Alexis instructs, “You just trace the template, cut it out and fold. So easy!”

So here goes:

“Materials Needed: Free Printable Template, posterboard or extra thick butcher paper 18″ x 24″ for each bucket, exacto knife (or scissors if you aren’t worried about straight lines.)

Step 1: Print out free printable and cut it out.
Step 2: You trace the template four times onto the 18″ x 24″ heavy paper. Starting in one corner trace the template with the handle at the top and facing inward. Flip it like a mirror image and trace again. Flip it from the bottom and trace again. Trace it to the side one last time. (See photos for reference.)
Step 3: Once it is traced cut it out.
Step 4: Take the two sides with the slits and slip them over the corresponding handle to create a sweet little picnic basket.
Step 5: Fill with goodies and serve to your guests.





Hope you enjoyed this as much as me! What’s a fun DIY you’ve come across recently?

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