Remember when … I wanted to be an Interior Designer

18 Apr

It’s amazing how things can change with the “blink of an eye”. I remember the days when I would spend hours toying around with auto-cad and design based programs with the intention of becoming educated in the realm of architecture to later apply that learning to the field of interior design. Boy, did that idea change fast! It is not to say that I still do not have a passion for the interior space, the decoration of a room as a whole, or the marrying of different installations in a working space to create one masterpiece. Rather, I had more interest in gaining experience immediately and taking ownership for my work and focused my efforts on getting a business degree, but that is for a different story.

What brought me back to these days was the quest to finding the perfect new room for me. While I peruse through various design and interior space magazine and blogs, I find myself coming back to the pragmatic nature of Ikea.

Ikea has transitioned into the 3D space to display bedroom ideas. It is quite fascinating and a interior designers dream. To see and envision how a room could be laid out before it has actually come to fruition is an incredible feat. My favorite one is “your nest. your world.” I totally picture this as my next room; I envision it as a place to curl up with a good book or host a nice dinner party.


What’s your ideal room look like?

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