A Taste of Little Italy tucked in the Heart of Fenway

15 Apr

Who knew that one could find an Italian restaurant that was so cute, cozy and yummy outside of the North End? Walking through the Fenway area, Canestaros  caught my boyfriend and my eye. It was so picturesque and reminded us of a scene out of “Lady and the Tramp”.


I was so hungry upon arrival that I was very adamant about ordering an appetizer and oh was I happy about this decision. I tried one of the BEST bruschettas I’ve had in a long time. The bread was just the right amount of crispy and buttery, and the tomatoes and onion were mixed with the perfect combination of vinegar.



I had the gnocchi basilico, and while the presentation was not great, the meal was absolutely delicious. The gnocchi was cooked perfectly, and the portion was generous — so much so that I could not finish. Luis had the Seafood Grill (shrimp, scallops, and salmon served with garlic mashed potatoes or rice pilaf, and sautéed vegetables) and was very pleased with his dish as well. We gave it our two thumbs up. If you happen to stroll through the streets of Fenway and are craving a good, home-styled Italian dish, check out Canestaros.

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