The Things That Make You Happy

12 Apr

This morning, as I stepped into the elevator, a coworker of mine who was in my rotational program asked how I was doing. I told her ” You know, super busy, the usual, and I’m really tired.” I explained to her that I try to run everyday after work or do fun activities such as baking (will be baking some
dark chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing- more on that later) but couldn’t put a word to describe ” the things that _____”. Another lady who works in the building was sharing the elevator with us and interjected, “You mean things that make you happy.” We both laughed as she began to exit the elevator.

To me, this was any other conversation. It was interesting to see the perspective behind a stranger’s eyes and quantify what these activities meant to me. These little moments of happiness are will one day become the big things that weave the story of one’s life together.

What are some of your little moments?


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