It’s the Little Things

11 Apr

More often than not, I find myself pondering the intricacies of the “bigger picture”. On the phone, in the bathroom, chatting with a friend, you name it, I find myself contemplating my next big move. How will I get there? Who will I encounter along the way? What will be the greatest obstacle? My most memorable moment? An endless slew of thoughts run through my mind on a consistent basis.

Taking a step back from the cacophony within my racing mind, I cannot help but think that this disquieting mentality can only burdensome to my mind and spirit. There are so many of life’s simple pleasures that are constantly overlooked. One must take advantage of every waking moment and live life to the fullest. This blog is the journey of savoring the small moments, the little things, which ultimately weave back into the big picture.

Come take a journey with me.

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